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If you’re looking for the ideal software, either for video editing, protection against trojans and worms or password management, the experts of are committed to compare the best providers for you. 

We are a team of international software specialists whose mission it is to evaluate the most popular services and their features. We are committed to providing honest reviews and advice about various programs. This is why we take a hard look at all the features they offer and put them into perspective by comparing them with their competitors. If a provider updates their offer or improves certain aspects, they let us know, so we can keep up-to-date with the information as well as the ranking to help you choose the best offer.

When deciding on articles for our magazine, we carefully consider what our users need to know about the software to give them the tools they need to comprehend all the advantages or disadvantages of using a specific software provider.

Get to know our software experts

Till, Co-founder Trusted-Software

He is passionate about his mission to inform our users, so they become technologically literate to make the best decisions concerning the programs they use.

Aina, Interface Expert

Aina is responsible for continuously checking and improving our page. She is also in charge of designing the page’s layout to create the ideal user experience.

Gerardo, IT

Ensures that the page runs smoothly by fixing any bugs and issues that could impede page performance. He also maintains our computer systems and networks and provides support for any technical issue. Moreover, he suggests new software programs to cover on 

Henning, Reviewer

He is in charge of all the content of the website. He manages all our copywriters responsible for the creation of up-to-date and interesting articles. Additionally, he is constantly updating reviews and ratings by considering new features or updates in the software we feature on our website.

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