Last updated: July 2022

What is a Tune-Up software?

A Tune-Up software is a very useful program that optimizes the computer in various areas, thereby making it faster. It searches for errors and problems and rectifies them. The software analyzes the operating system as well as all installed applications and thereby finds weaknesses, speed retardants and other issues. The Tune-Up software cleans up the hard drive and removes unnecessary applications. The program cleans the registry of the operating system and removes all erroneous and unnecessary entries. With a Tune-Up program, the hard drive is defragmented in just a few clicks, which noticeably increases performance. After the extensive clean-up, the hard drive has a large amount of additional free memory space.

What do I need a Tune-Up software for?

The more actively a computer is used, the faster a vast amount of data waste ends up on the hard drive. To rectify all the issues and errors by hand, users would need several weeks or even months. Tune-Up software takes the work of the user’s hands and automatically searches for any errors and problems. The operating system, installed programs and the hard drive are analyzed in detail. After a few minutes, the user finds out which problems exist and the software can rectify them in just a few clicks. Users benefit from such a software through higher performance and an increase in memory storage.

What is the difference between fee-based and free Tune-Up software?

There is Tune-Up software that is free of charge and programs that are fee-based. Free versions have significantly lower functionality and do not rectify all existing problems. A fee-based optimization software costs significantly less than a video editing program and has a variety of practical features. Of course, users can still optimize their computer with free software, but only to a limited extent. Due to the significantly limited functionality, some problems remain on your PC, thereby ensuring that performance is slowed down. With a fee-based Tune-Up software, all errors, problems and performance retardants are found and rectified reliably. The increase in performance is significantly higher in comparison to a free program.

How do I find the right Tune-Up software provider?

Tune-Up programs are developed by a number of software providers and potential purchasers have to choose between different optimization tools. In addition to the price, there are other relevant criteria that every user should consider when making a purchase decision.

  • How much does it cost? Fee-based Tune-Up software is sold either by means of a once-off purchase price or an annual subscription. Apart from the costs, the purchaser should also consider on how many PCs the Tune-Up software may be installed and used.
  • How easy is it to operate the software? User-friendly software should have a German-language interface with a clear layout. Programs with a simple menu structure and easy-to-understand functions can also be used by beginners.
  • How large is the range of functions? What makes a good Tune-Up program is a large range of functions and the optimization of the PC in numerous areas. Key features include defragmentation, cleaning the registry, rectifying errors, and removing unnecessary and unwanted applications. A software like this ensures that the performance of the operating system, the hard drive and the working memory can be significantly increased.
  • How well does the Tune-Up software fare in practice? Easy operation and numerous functions are of little use if the results are not good. By means of a trial version, potential purchasers can get a comprehensive overview to see how the software fares in practice.
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