Last updated: August 2022

Why do I need professional antivirus protection?

Viruses, Trojans, malware, worms, and other threats can access your home PC through the internet. Once on your computer, they can then cause a lot of damage. The security threats infect files on your computer, destroy essential components of the operating system, steal personal data and sensitive financial data, or lock users out. Every computer needs professional antivirus protection. This is just as important as having a doctor and taking preventive measures. Antivirus programs do more than just safely isolate threats and permanently delete them from the computer. Thanks to real-time protection, cyber threats are detected early on, before they can start wreaking havoc on your computer.

What is the difference between paid and free antivirus programs?

Free antivirus programs only offer basic protection. While free software protects users from most threats, it only provides limited functionality. Users sacrifice important additional functions such as an integrated firewall, a password manager, or child protection when using free software. Furthermore, many free antivirus programs do not offer web protection or privacy protection. Free software detects, isolates, and removes cyber threats, but has a few disadvantages compared to paid antivirus programs. In addition to a limited range of functions and the lack of extra security features, free programs put more of a strain on computers and often bother users with pesky advertising.

How do I find the right antivirus software provider?

Thanks to a large selection, you can find suitable software for any requirements and any platform. When searching for a professional antivirus program, users should consider the following aspects:

  • Which cyber threats does the software protect you from? A professional antivirus program protects its users not only from specific malware, but from all threats. The software needs reliably running real-time protection that starts up automatically in conjunction with the operating system, immediately detects threats, and renders them harmless. Automated, regular updates are particularly important to enable the program to detect and fight off even the latest threats.
  • Is the user’s privacy protected? Spending time online comes with many dangers and risks. To reduce these to the greatest extent possible, professional antivirus software should have integrated online protection. This prevents your personal data from falling into the wrong hands. Users can then enter their details for online banking or shopping without any concerns.

Which extended features does the antivirus software offer?

Aside from basic all-around protection from viruses and other threats, professional antivirus programs also offer other useful functions. They automatically examine emails and downloads as well as scanning all connected data carriers such as USB sticks or external hard drives. An integrated firewall is particularly important, as it considerably increases security.

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